(Real) experiences in circular economy

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A beautiful villa with a lot of history, a bar, a shop of fair trade, an art workshop, a doctor, the family store of kitchen utensils of a lifetime, a friendly restaurant. Here next, an ecological farm. A little further on, towards the west: the eco shop, a hairdressing salon. To the east: craft beers and organic pasta. All this and something else is an essay of circular economy in the north of Galicia.


And has that circular economy already been achieved?

It is convenient not to be too naive. Not even a country with all its possibilities is capable of developing a closed circular economy. In this small essay, people accept FAIR from each other or from other trusted people. As soon as FairCoin (FAIR) enters from other areas, everything tends to become unbalanced. But that has never discouraged us.

Why does this happen?

Because accepting FAIR (a free currency) at a value agreed by the global community is not like blowing and making bottles. We are learning on the fly that it is somewhat utopian to guarantee the change to Euros without limits. And even with limits things will not be remotely easy. Although Euros are still needed for many things, it is not mathematically reasonable that many FAIRs can be exchanged indefinitely, however much we need them. It is enough a simple exercise of imagination: more people accepting FAIR, more FAIR in circulation, increasingly higher value ... you smell the fault at 30 leagues.

But, in reality, what we want is to not need Euros

Of course. Although there are also those who have imagined that we can extract them almost without limit hacking speculative markets of cryptocurrencies. Audacity we do not lack. But in the part that touches the local economy, the economy of all, that circular economy ... we need productive projects and a lot of sensitivity and intelligence.

So, how do you ride it over there?

Through here we accept FAIR within defined limits by each one although we are also open to anyone who comes from any other place to use some FAIR. Yes, with a good and honest criterion.

Some people around here have accumulated many FAIRs, trusting in what was guaranteed FairCoop not so long ago: the exchange to Euros when necessary. Now we have learned that this is difficult to fulfill like crazy and we are reconsidering strategies. We continue to build around this good idea, that of having a digital currency to use in ethical and sustainable networks, to create a true alternative economy in the midst of this gigantic and ruthless neoliberal capitalist system.


To be fair, we have calculated that, for the moment, with a monthly contribution of 150 Euros we can continue deepening in this local experience of circular economy and continue weaving networks among other conscious nodes of Galicia, Portugal and the rest of the Iberian Peninsula. Eventually, even, beyond when it is convenient, necessary and sustainable.


To cover small changes that allow us to continue accepting FAIR in a way that is becoming more open and also to relieve producers and more committed stores of some of the accumulated FAIR.


Any person or group that contributes Euros to this project will receive the equivalent amount in FairCoin that, naturally, they will be able to use immediately or in the future here and in many other places that accept FairCoin.

We will publish in a timely manner on a page attached to this project in which the Euros received have been used.


You will have the satisfaction of being part of this development and, the FairCoin that you receive as consideration for your contribution in Euros may contribute to weave other networks and feed new dreams. Cheer up, your generosity will be building that world that we carry in our hearts.

Campaign Rewards

The main reward is that you are contributing to a project that represents the basic and fundamental element of the idea that was born with FairCoop: create local nodes that form collaborative economic networks using the FairCoin as an exchange tool. The second is that we will give you in exchange Faircoin for the Euros that you give. And if you go through this beautiful region of the world, you will find companions and companions of grateful way and you will be able to see in direct what has been built, to live it and to feel that really that it is made way when walking. Our life is not vain if our tracks are a fundamental part of that path. Thanks for being part of this.

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