Komun Infrastructure 2019

Sponsor Komun hardware

  • 7640€Goal
  • 5€Raised

From komun.org we want to develop tools for beings which are socially equal, humanly different and totally free. We dream of building a society without hierarchies or authoritarianisms, far from the GAFAM monopoly, capitalism and its oppressive ways

That is why we use, develop and promote multiple tools based on opensource alternatives for our technological and digital sovereignty. Everything we do is at the service of the community.


At komun.org we organize ourselves autonomously, under the principles of solidarity and mutual aid. We undertake these projects voluntarily, with "kachondeo", sharing knowledge, creating collectively; we insist on making our activity sustainable... we get resources and distribute them as soon as they reach us!

Now you can get involved and help us maintain this growing infrastructure so that we can allocate resources to continue creating and improving the tools! We will be immensely grateful to you :))


The amount needed for 2019 covers the costs of servers, domains, the different backup systems that we use to ensure the integrity of services and a minimum remuneration for the people who take on sysadmin roles, to compensate for the many hours spent on research, development and maintenance.

Campaign Rewards

we give you back your €uros contribution in FairCoin



Finance the cost of domains, servers and backups (2019)

Annual payment of the infrastructure supporting the operation of Komun tools


Support our work and innovation in our tools

Compensation for the work involved in maintaining the infrastructure in place, resolving incidents and investigating improvements


Collaborate to achieve a more resilient infrastructure

If we surpass the set goal we will dedicate the resources obtained to work on a more distributed infrastructure

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