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Mapo is the first collaborative map showing the diversity of the global alternative economy in Faircoin and Social Money.

An essential tool to visualize and promote real alternatives to the capitalist system. Mapo will also contain layers of information about other crypto currencies and related collectives, as well as a system of buying and selling ethical goods and services directly between users, both in crypto currencies and in social currency.

The development of Mapo requires many hours of dedication on the part of the programming and design team. The importance of Mapo is not only the number of points or layers, its main value is the quality and updating of the information displayed (for example, showing a classification of social coins according to their greater or lesser activity).

The tool is completely free to use.

Now we can all get involved by sponsoring this great project in progress. Your collaboration is very necessary!

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Find out which social currencies are closest to where you live and what level of monthly activity they have! :)

Campaign Rewards

You will get the FairCoins equivalent of your contribution.



Renting places in mapo

New layer that will allow to rent your room / house / place in FairCoin or social currency



New layer to manage events in the map. Synced with calendar


Publish the open source code

For those that love opensource and you'd like to fork and contribute the code of mapo


Marketplace of products

You'll be able to sell second-hand or new products in FairCoin or social currencies.


Sync with IntegralCES / CES

Reading and displaying services/products from IntegralCES or Community Exchange and sync with telegram group.

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