Moments of Truth and Phoenix Dream*

The life and art of those who dream and those who make those dream come true

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We Are Uri Noy Meir and Ron Bunzl. And in the last couple of years we have been making a film, "Moments of Truth". Through this page we would like to invite your endorse and support the making of this film.

When we started this project in 2017, we knew it was not going to be easy, others have tried to make a film about the story of the Roy Hart Theatre and have not succeeded. We do it because we are passionate about showing the beauty of the people and the story of the Roy Hart Theatre. We do it because we feel motivated by the trust and investment in the film of the community connected with the Roy Hart Theatre legacy and inspiring the voice work.

We now start the final payment plan for Zoom Studio, the professional film studio in Sicily we hired to support our efforts, so we could complete the film. We are also in the process of making necessary agreements which are crucial for to film to be widely disturbed. We now need you again to show your support to cross the finish line, together

Contribute to the campaign on this page and you could get "Faircoins" and use them to receive unique rewards and perks from the production team. Share with your friends and community the message and request of support any support we could get now can make a Huge difference!

With gratitude,

Uri and Ron

When we did the first crowdfunding in 2018 we raised more than 7,500 euro from a goal of 30,000 euro to produce the film We raised 25% of our final goal from 100 backers!

Here is what we wrote back then (and this is all true still!):

We, Uri Noy Meir and Ron Bunzl, are two theatre facilitators and film makers, storytellers with a mission. You are invited to join us in our a new epic adventure, a telling of one of kind story, our dream story.

We want to make a film about the Roy Hart Theatre and the Performance Generation.

You are invited to be part of this story, an extraordinary story, a living myth of timeless dimensions and give voice to those who with great courage and generosity gave voice to so many others.

In August 2017 we had the most unique opportunity to travel to the Roy Hart Centre in Malérargues. We filmed the rehearsals and the performance of “Generation" and made interviews with its creators, Kaya Anderson, Ian Magilton, David Goldsworthy, Marianne Le Tron, Saule Ryan, Carol Mendelsohn and composer Saso Vollmeier. We also were able to interview two other founding members, Clara Silber-Harris and Paul Silber.

We have since been collecting more interviews with founders and followers of this important voice work. Through all this the initial inspiration has grown and we now feel ready to make the film – an original documentary about the past, present and future of the Roy Hart Centre at Malérargues and its regeneration.

The film will explore the grand journey from its inspired beginning all the way through to the realization of the dream that has guided the lives at Malérargues. It will be interlaced with footage from the Roy Hart theatre archives, from performances and the lives of Roy Hart members.

We believe that the sharing of this narrative of love, devotion and purpose is important. It’s a great human and artistic story and we feel strongly it has important lessons for us all. Especially at this time in which we and the world face such profound challenges and grand opportunities

I had had an amazing dream that night which Roy and Dorothy had entitled "The Phoenix Dream"*. How extraordinary, in the light of what was about to happen, that they interpreted the dream with that particular word. -

From Chapter 6 from the book "Dark Voices" written by Noah Pikes

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