Support for the real economy of social currency networks and faircoin in the Iberian Peninsula

Your support is essential to continue building an alternative ecosystem at the service of people and productive projects.

  • 8500€Goal
  • 215€Raised

For 10 years there has been an alternative real economy in many social currencies and in the faircoin user network. Together we are weaving more sustainable, coordinated and resilient networks, recovering our food, technological and monetary sovereignty.

Our goal is to build an alternative economic and social ecosystem, using free tools and empowering diverse people and collectives to promote the common good and collective consciousness.

We think that the time has come to take a qualitative leap and for that a stable financing and income is required to maintain common tools and feed resource-generating projects.

We need your help to multiply the reach and economic dimension of our networks. You can participate with any amount, in a generic way, or decide the use to which you want us to assign it.

We are promoting this campaign from La DesKapitalitzadora de Tarragona, and with the help of Komun 's colleagues we will guarantee a collective and transparent management of the funds received, as well as their custody. We will draw up economic impact and transparency reports, and share news on activities carried out, use of the funding received and progress in the main strategic lines.

The funds will be destined, according to the breakdown that you can see in the phases of the campaign, to the DesKapitalizadora, the networks participating in the logistic route of October, the next Iberian meeting organized and the reserve fund and collective support of the FairChange network.

Main goals

Face-to-face meetings, festivals and exchange markets

For months we have been coordinating between various social currency networks and local nodes of faircoin users in the Iberian Peninsula. We have organised two face-to-face meetings in 2018 (Valdelinares and Vinyols).

II encuentro ibérico de nodos faircoin y monedas sociales

Logistic Routes

  • We've coordinated several logistical routes of distribution and exchange of products between networks in the Iberian Peninsula, connecting consumption groups and productive projects.
  • In order to improve the management of product offerings and orders, free tools have been developed, such as MAPO and BAZAR.
  • We manage different social places that give logistic service for the reception, storage and collection of orders.
  • Different physical and online points of sale have been created for food, crafts, health, culture, leisure and responsible tourism.

Primera ruta ibérica de nodos locales Faircoop

Promotion of productive projects

  • We promote the dynamization and financing of local and global productive projects, from groups such as Komun, or initiatives such as La Descapitalitzadora, which offer free technological tools, tax advice and legal coverage for economic activities.
  • Our roadmap incorporates the creation of networks of health projects and mutual funds to support an alternative health system, as well as support for projects collectivization of land and means of production.

Mapa de proyectos en Tarragona

Looking to the future

We have designed this campaign prioritising community generating actions, but also creative and innovative proposals for the balanced and transparent connection of the economy in euros, faircoin and social currencies.

For us, trust and good management are one of the main values of any currency, and it is essential that this local trust can be transferred to more global networks made up of like-minded groups. That's why we're driving the global network FairChange in IntegralCES, with multiple functionalities (stable value reserve, credit guarantees, reserve funds, transparent account management, users and transactions between networks).

The first collective accounts have already been created to guard the euro reserves and the first users and transactions have been registered.

You can make your contribution to help generate the initial reserves of euros that will support the decentralized issuance of fairchanges and go one step further to reduce our dependence on euros.

Campaign Rewards

  • The first 25 donations in excess of 50 euros received in the campaign, will enjoy a hosting service for web and mail in Dimensis, completely free for one year.
  • This campaign offers the change to faircoins for the amount equivalent to the contribution made. If you want to receive your faircoins at the official price, don't forget to write your faircoin address correctly when you make your contribution.

You can inform us in the "notes" to what purpose you want your contribution to be destined. If you do not select one, we will use it to cover the most urgent needs.

Iberian nodes and networks meetings

Logistic routes and local groups

FairChange: social economy network based on faircoin and social currency



April-May 2019: 1000 euros to strengthen the Iberian network of faircoin nodes and social currencies

Collective support for the meetings held at Camping Vinyols in November 2018 and March 2019


April-May 2019: 1500 euros to strengthen the Iberian network of logistics points for routes

Collective support to warehouses and local consumption groups that participate by offering space and management of logistic routes.


April-May 2019: 2000 euros for the initial reserve for the issuance of FairChanges

Collective backing to generate initial reservations to guarantee fairchanges issued by trusted nodes and collectives


June-September 2019: 1000 euros to finance the next meeting of Iberian nodes faircoin and social currencies

Collective fund to contribute to transport costs and organisation of the next meeting in 2019


June-September 2019: 3000 euros to finance the logistical route for October 2019

Collective financing for the acquisition of basic products and transport costs for a major route throughout the Iberian Peninsula.

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